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About Us

Sobriety and Me, Inc. (S.A.M.) is a nonprofit (501©3) organization dedicated to educating our youth (K-12) on the devastating consequences of substance abuse on their lives and the community. We believe by equipping our youth with the right knowledge and techniques they can be successful in steering away from all self-destructive behaviors that they may encounter. Our philosophy at S.A.M. is ”an ounce of prevention worth a pound of cure” quoted by Benjamin Franklin. According to NIDA, it cost the American taxpayers over $600 billion dollars last year for drug treatment. Much of the $600-billion-dollars budget was wasted on programs that did not work. While only 2% of the governmental budget went toward drug prevention. “Sobriety and Me” are committed to being proactive in reaching our children with a preventive program. The children themselves will have to be the ones to make the final decision when it comes to their own sobriety. Unfortunately, as it stands today, America has lost the war on drugs. However, if we organize and address this dilemma on a community level, I know we can gain control over this nations consciousness about sobriety.


My name is Vinnie White, I am the founder of S.A.M., we are part of a community outreach that network throughout the state with other organizations. I would like an opportunity to bring awareness to today’s youth based on knowledge, not ignorance. Let me tell you the story behind Sobriety and Me.  I was born and raised in the city of Detroit Michigan. My father was a factory worker and also a world war 2 disabled veteran. He was diagnosed as a paranoid Schizophrenia due to combat injury from the war. My mother was a stay at home mom, caring for myself and my two sisters. My parents divorced when I was only five years of age. By age eight my younger sister began to drink alcohol and by age 17 she was married and addicted to heroin. I watched my sister struggle with this addiction for 28 years. In and out of rehabs, in and out of sobriety, year after year after year. And when she died, I died too. My heart was broken and my soul was vexed. I often thought, if only someone could have told her about the dangers of drugs early in life, maybe she would still be here. I could not save my sister but I would like an opportunity to teach the children of today about drugs beforehand and maybe they can be saved.


Our first mission is to educate the youth on how to abstain from drugs and other negative behaviors. Our vision is to see every child in America have the opportunity to get a first-class education on all facets of sobriety and what it entails. Our ultimate goal is to build a state of the art sobriety learning center that is equipped to educate families and children on circumstances which might threaten their sobriety. Our second mission is to work with homeless disabled veterans who are struggling with their sobriety, this in turn will help reduce the high suicide rate among the unsheltered population.


Vinnie White has a biology/chemistry MBA from Saint Leo University and a MSA from Strayer University, and thirty years of experience in customer service and sales.


Lyndi Hall has a BA degree in Sociology and a Masters degree in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University.  She has conducted several drug awareness classes and currently directs several drug awareness programs, start-up reports and is responsible for the overall direction of the organization. This includes fundraising, managing and collaborating with other organizations. She values life and the well being of others.


Tishsaria White has a BA in Psychology and a Master in Criminal Justice from Saint Leo University. She has several years experience in event planning and sales.




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