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Our Flyer

Do you have a sense of community? Have you ever asked yourself, what can I do to help build my community around me? If so, this is your opportunity. We are calling all community builders to step up to the plate to partner with us and unite!

Help support the 2017 Summit on drug abstinence and the Sobriety awareness month. We need your support. Our children mean the world to us. Be proactive!

Host a Fundraising party for “SOBRIETY and ME” and earn free world renown educational toys to help expand your children’s toy chest with “Discovery Toys” which are designed to enhance your child’s learning experience. We are counting on you to book a party to help raise the necessary funds to make this happen. Call or text one of our educational consultant’s at: 770-873-4712 or 678-572-0402. We are looking forward to being part of your child’s educational growth. Hope to be hearing from you soon. To learn more about S.A.M. go to: