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Greetings dear friend,
How would you like an opportunity to expand your school’s toy chest with free educational toys that help enhance children’s learning experiences, at no cost to you? Well this program maybe just for you. But first allow me to introduce myself.
My name is Vinnie White, founder and CEO of “Sobriety and Me”. Our mission is to educate our youth (K-12) on the devastating consequences of substance abuse on their lives and the community as a whole. You may be asking yourself, how do we attend on doing this? It’s simple, by equipping our youth with the knowledge and techniques to help them steer away from all self-destructive behaviors. I’m sure you would agree that this drug epidemic is destroying our young people, who are the very core of our nation, this must stop. We cannot afford to wait on government assistance, because it’s just not available to us for preventive programs, which are so desperately needed. Therefore, we must be proactive and take immediate action to fund our own project. We welcome you to join forces with us in a push back program that would save the lives of many children and build a stronger and safer community in which we all can live.


We are reaching out to you today for your support in raising funds to help build this new facility. The Sobriety learning center. Recent cuts in government funding has resulted in a budget deficit for our organization, which we are striving to overcome. We are not asking for direct donations but an opportunity to expand our foot print in the community. We are conducting a fundraiser which is designed to empower children to grow and advance, promoting both critical thinking and open-ended imaginary play. This is through our world renowned educational toys, known as Discovery Toys. These toys were designed to teach, play and inspire every child to excel and develop to their fullest potential. Host a party and earn free toys with a life time warranty, it is both fun and simple. We will be contacting you soon with all the details. We are looking forward in partnering with you in building strong and healthy children, families as well as communities.

Best Regards,
Sobriety and Me

P.S. If you would like for S.A.M. to come to your school and teach a class on drug abstinence, please let us know. We will be happy to schedule a time to do so.


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  • Sobriety and Me is a 501(c)(3) organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.
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